The Phlogistinator is a primarily wielded weapon of the Pyro, a class from Team Fortress 2. It is a futuristic flame-thrower-like weapon, but instead of dousing the Pyro's opponents with fire, it douses them with the fictional flame-like element phlogiston.


The Phlogistinator is literally a portable incinerator that bathes the Pyro's enemies with rays of phlogistion, fire-like energy that completely disintegrates all it touches after setting them aflame for a few seconds. The Phlogistinator has a "Mmmph" bar that fully fills up after the player gives 225 points of fire damage. Activating the fully filled Mmmph bar refills the player's health and grants crits for 10 seconds. However, unlike most of the Pyro's flame-throwers, no air-blast, no random crits, and a -10% damage penalty.

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